Lusail Development – Construction Package 4 (CP4) – A1, A6 Roads, Marina and Southern Interchanges

Lusail Development Company is the client for the Project, which is one of the major highway and infrastructure projects within the Lusail area at the north of Doha, Qatar. The project comprises of the following works within the scope:

(a) Highways and Highway Underpass Structures, and a multispan twin box overbridge at Marina Interchange and culvert structure at the Wadi.

(b) Traffic signalling, Street lighting, cabling, feeder pillars and road crossing ducts

(c) Various infrastructure networks including the stormwater drainage network, irrigation system, potable water system, treated sewage effluent [TSE] main lines, fire protection systems, ducting networks for Doha Street Surveillance System, Qatar Armed Forces and Qtel and ITS, HV, LV electrical network, including 4 No. distribution substations.

(d) The design and construction of the CP4 Deep Stormwater Tunnel and associated vertical shafts.

(e) Design and construction of a Traffic Management Plan to allow continuous smooth flow of traffic for the duration of the contract


Client  Lusail Development Company

Location  Doha / Qatar

Contract Date  15 January 2013

Completion Date 21 February 2018