Riseability IV

Riseability IV


* Yüksel has published its fourth sustainability report “RISEABILITY” after its first sustainability report published last year, which can be considered as a pioneer in the construction sector and most of the sectors that Yüksel has operations in Turkey. 
* With the “RISEABILITY “ report written in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative GRI G4 Guidelines as a part of its corporate responsibility and commitment to The United Nations Global Compact, Yüksel Holding has disclosed economic, social and environmental impacts of Yüksel Companies with its stakeholders.  

One of the leading companies in the sector standing out with its successful projects and a sense of corporate responsibility, YÜKSEL published its fourth “RISEABILITY” report which was first published in 2015 and considered as a pioneer in the construction sector and most of the sectors that Yüksel has operations in Turkey. 

The report “RISEABILITY” was prepared in accordance with the United Nations Global Compact signed by Yüksel in 2006 and with its commitment to the values of transparency and sense of corporate management. Since 2008, Yüksel has published annual Progress Report. And for the last two years, these sustainability reports have been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines, which are broadly accepted as international reporting standard. These reports provide information about the contributions of the companies under the Holding to the society, environment and economy. 

The Chairman of the Board Yüksel Holding Emin SAZAK has told us his opinions about the report ,“It gives us great pleasure to share with you Riseability IV, our report accounting the company’s unwavering sustainability related efforts from 2014. Sustainable development refers to the conscientious use of natural resources by maintaining a balance between humans and nature, and has become a crucial guiding principle for corporate entities in their creation of their business models. As a concept whose focal point is humans, with an emphasis on the planning of all activities such that future generations’ needs can be met, sustainable development has reshaped companies’ perception of the world with its social, economic, ecological, spatial and cultural elements.It is heartening to see that awareness in our world is increasing about the importance of economic and social development being accompanied by appreciation for the natural environment. The leading organizations of countries and industries have internalized sustainability, viewing it as one of their fundamental values and principles. In this sense, sustainability is reflected in their business models and future plans as a fundamentalconcept, beyond remaining a simple tool for competitive advantage or mere window dressing. Yüksel is an enthusiastic supporter of this understanding. Our core values dating back to the day our company was founded coincide with the main elements of sustainability, rendering us a natural leader within our industry. Signing the United National Global Compact in 2006 institutionalized our corporate approach, which has always emphasized the environment and human life, as well as making us a role model in our sector. This institutionalized framework which we refer to as “Riseability” has been guiding our work and our daily business operations ever since. Our annual Riseability Reports, the fourth issue of which is being published this year, are an account of the concrete results of the strides we are taking to this regard. At Yüksel, we have been continuing our social responsibility projects and sustainability efforts since 1963. This sense of duty is reflected in our fundamental principles, which first include not harming nature or human life, then taking the necessary steps to improve conditions. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our stakeholders, and the entire Yüksel family for all of the support, belief and efforts, without which we could not have made such a difference through our endeavors to create an improved social and physical environment with oursustainability activities. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your support of our efforts to fulfill our duty to make the world a better place.” 

About Yüksel 

Established in 1963, Yüksel İnşaat has been playing an active role in the contracting sector for the past 50 years by contributing to numerous projects such as dams and HEPPs, transportation, energy, treatment and industrial facilities. Yüksel İnşaat’s planned and steady growth policies have led to the establishment of various companies such as those that support the construction sector and others in the service areas. These companies, which operate in areas such as construction, finance, tourism, information technologies, security, defense industry, manufacturing and investment, have been united under the Yüksel Holding umbrella in 1997.
In addition to its domestic and abroad projects, Yüksel İnşaat has been conducting business in the international arena since 1983 and undertaken significant infrastructure and construction projects in various regions of the world such as Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Ukraine, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Libya and Iraq. 
With its successfully completed projects in the international arena, Yüksel İnşaat has been among the Top 100 Companies in the list of “Top 225 International Contractors” which has been prepared by the International Construction Industry Publication Engineering News Record since 2007. 

The new sustainability report of Yuksel, Riseability IV (English version will be available soon):www.yuksel.net/yukselebilirlikIV.pdf


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